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Creating accessible online course content – Part 2

Albert Einstein using MacBook

Last time in Part 1, I covered making course content accessible that is viewed directly within a web browser. This time in Part 2, I will cover content that is usually downloaded first and viewed outside of browsers, specifically Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
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Making your website accessible to people with disabilities helps everyone

woman in wheelchair at end of path on the beach

The information super highway is open for everyone to travel but the journey for the disabled all too often ends in reaching an exit ramp and finding it closed. Making your website accessible usually requires minimal time and effort, and not only expands your audience to the disabled, but also benefits everyone.
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Use Screencasts to Teach, Demonstrate, Sell

Screencast Date cartoon

In just two days, the job would be over, but to me, the work unfinished. I’d been providing software training for the faculty at a small college during my two week consulting stay but more of them would need help after I’d gone. For those I would not meet, I wanted to find a way to recreate the training experience of sitting down with each of them at the computer. Creating a screencast allowed me to do just that.

A screencast is a video of the actions on a computer screen, usually including accompanying narration or captions that explain the on-screen activity. Screencasts are quick and easy to produce. They are commonly used for software tutorials, product demonstrations, and presentations. Videos are typically distributed online or on discs.
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